So far this year, we have learned the relevance of starting fires and pitching tents on our first expedition. One week out of every month, we all pack our backpacks and head out into the mountains in order to learn survival and search and rescue skills. An important part of this training is tent pitching and fire starting. In our first few days here, Mr. Mike and Mr. Kevin taught us these vital skills, and in this article I will pass this valuable information on to you.

To start a good fire, there are four major steps you should follow:

1) You need to make a nest of twiggies. Twiggies are dry, small, mini-twigs, and if you have no twiggies, you have no fire.

2) You will need to gather small sticks to feed to your fire when the twiggies are lit. You will also need progressively bigger sticks and branches, so that your fire does not go out while you run around looking for suitable wood to burn.

3) Strike your match and put it into the twiggy nest, and slowly build the fire up with smaller sticks, then larger ones, and so on.

4) Maintain the state of your fire, and don’t forget to bank it by putting wetter, fatter branches over it before you go to bed. This way, you will have coals in the morning, and they will light your twiggies much faster.

In conclusion, there are three requirements for the creation of fire: oxygen, fuel, and heat.

Now moving on to the next point, pitching a tent. To properly set up a tent, you must first lay the ground tarp on the ground where you plan to set up the tent so that moisture will not soak the tent floor.

Secondly, put the tent onto the tarp so they line up squarely. Next, put the poles into the tent and the rain fly, and after that, secure the rain fly to the tent. The last things to do are to put in the stakes, and tighten everything as well as you can.

These skills are extremely important to campers everywhere, and provide us with the ability to participate in search and rescue support in any conditions, as well as simply preparing us to camp for fun.

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