On the 8th year of Freedom Mountain Academy, a massive, heavy, and astonishing bridge was built by the teamwork of 19 students and three instructors; a team of 22 strangers united by the same, backbreaking task.

The support of the bridge consisted of immensely heavy boulders; small rocks and gravel were used as “cement” for the pillars, piled on one another to withstand the weight of two heavy trees. It sometimes took five people to move one boulder, but that didn’t stop the rock crew. They worked hard getting the boulders where they were needed everyday, until the job was done and their arms and backs could rest.

Speaking of aching arms and backs let’s not forget the wood crew who chopped down the gigantic trees that made the bridge itself. These trees were beasts, but they managed to tame them.

Seriously though, they were heavy. Putting them in place was the most difficult part of all. How did we do it? We put aside the crews and unified into one large team. Amazingly enough, with the help of everyone working together, we moved them into place, which soon was followed by putting down the planks to walk on.

Whether it was scouting trails and making wedges or moving heavy trees, we all worked together to complete the bridge of FMA VIII, not as individuals, but as one solid team.

One Response to The Bridge of VIII by Jose D.

  1. ryan says:

    Well looks like yalll have done a great job by making a strong bridge from detrminaton and hard work. By the way this is Ryan Tehrani a former student of fma the best school of all time. hi kevin and every body i miss you guys

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