At dinner on Saturday May 12th, Mr. Mike announced, “We will be going to the Carter Family Fold tonight.” We hopped on board the bus at 4:00 p.m., ready for the long, but worthwhile, ride to Hiltons, Virginia. Arriving at The Fold at 5:30 p.m., we were happy to get off the bus and look around.

We toured A.P. Carter’s cabin, a quaint little place that amazingly had housed eight children. Inside the cabin, a man sitting in Johnny Cash’s rocking chair told us how A.P. would go walking for days at a time. When he returned home, he would write songs based on the conversations he had had with people he had met on his journey. After leaving the cabin, we sat at picnic tables and ate the sandwiches we had prepared and brought with us.

Once everyone had finished eating, we headed inside The Carter Family Museum before finding our seats in the music hall. To our delight we were given the gift of $5.00 to spend in The Fold’s famous snack bar – that may not sound like much cash, but it’s enough for a feast at The Fold.

After getting our food and drinks from the snack bar, we settled into our seats and the music began. Not having heard any music for a month the notes of the banjo, mandolin, violin, guitar, and bass sounded splendid. During intermission a blind man was led onto the stage, and, to my surprise, he started playing the guitar and singing. Inspired, I thought to myself, “Here is a man who doesn’t let anything get in the way of doing what he loves.” He played and sang a couple of songs that I felt were the highlight of the night. After intermission, The Boxcars, came back out and, once again, we enjoyed listening and dancing to their music.

Wishing we could stay longer, we headed back to the bus and drove home at 10:00 p.m. After all the dancing and fun, I was ready to sleep.

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