Have you ever had to use the bathroom in the middle of the night when you can’t see a thing? Well this year, I have. And when the guys can’t seem to figure out how to keep the indoor restroom clean, the outdoor privy is the only option available. A word to the wise: when it’s dark use a flashlight or headlamp. I tell you this because I have tripped over chairs, stairs, walls, doors, and, well, my own two feet along the way. Using the privy in the dark is a story in itself, so if you are someone who is scared of the dark, make sure you have a source of light. Between the babbling of the running creek, the sounds of the woods, and the wind through the trees, sometimes, just sometimes, your mind can play tricks on you. The eerie whispering of the water running over leaves and twigs and rocks in the creek, and the rustling of leaves that sound like footsteps can turn your trip to the restroom to a flat out run. That’s where the light comes in handy, because, just when you are sure something is waiting in the dark, you can see that there is actually nobody there. So, remember: bring a light. It could literally save your neck!

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