During work chores last Friday, Mr. Mike, Carlisle, and I created a compost pile donut. From the very start, I could tell it would be the most amazing donut ever to have been seen by human eyes. It is four feet high, big enough to sit in, and made of tasty ingredients like cow, pig, horse, and chicken manure with the crispy addition of leaves, dirt, ash, and hay.
     When we were finished building our glorious donut, it was spectacular, and the ash on top shone like powdered sugar. I knew I had to get inside it, but this was a mistake because the second I stepped over the side and crouched down in the middle, the fresh air vanished and was replaced by the overwhelming odor of animal waste. It got even worse when my back tapped against the side, causing about a pound of manure to fall right over my head and down the back of my shirt all the way to my shoes.
     After freaking out, and having my picture taken, I left to go shower. That day proved what you have seen in robot movies and have heard about all genius inventions. That is, that your most magnificent creations will betray you and will usually win. I leave you with this lesson: Even powerful, beautiful, wonderful, awesome compost piles can hurt you. Never underestimate a donut.

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