Here at this school
With no technology
My new best friend
Is some good old philosophy

But I miss the way
My life used to be
With my buddy Mario
And the world of Final Fantasy

I miss my friend Link
We used to travel and explore
But now he’s been replaced
By cleaning the floor

My instructors make life fun
And exciting as it can be,
But I miss my old party
Of Squall, Zell, and Selphie

Even with out the internet
I can say I’m fine,
But I do miss my movies
About Videogame Decline

Prowlies at the river,
Valhalla Knights
For 10 minutes on Newgrounds
I’d even wear tights

I miss email and MSN
It’s much better than mail
To send and receive letters,
The system really fails

But here it’s pretty peaceful;
Perfectly calm.
I read a lot of books,
And study all day long

I’m never bored,
There’s always something to do
But part of me is missing,
I’m hollow, halfway through

I can hear the calls
Of the Twilight Princess
I get really sad
When I start reminiscing

My mind shifts back
To when Aeris died
And the flames of Sephiroth
When Nibelheim was fried

I sailed the universe
With my good friend Jaster
Every planet we’d find
We caused a disaster

Then there was Kratus
The god of war
We conquered Ares
Beat his face to the floor

Old Street Fighter3,
Those were the good old days
Ryn, Ken, and I
Mastering the Hadoukon ways

I’m not really sad
Just videogame deprived
I’m actually surprised
How long I’ve survived

I will always feel
Those chronic blues,
But with Samus by my side
I’ll make it through.

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