The first day at FMA was one of energy, busyness, and change. The day started off with the first student to arrive, Garrett Crispin. In the following eight hours, fourteen other students arrived.

As each student arrived he or she was met by the instructors, and the students that had already arrived. We all took our bags to the school where Mr. Mike, the outdoor instructor, inspected them for anything that we aren’t allowed to have before letting us take them to our rooms.

From the office we went and chose our room for the year after which we went down to the basement, with Mr. Matt and Miss Margaret where we changed into our FMA uniform. Most students chose to wear their brown duck pants, a t-shirt, work boots, and a sweatshirt.

After changing out of street clothes and getting our bags, we set up our rooms. Each room is about 7’8” deep, 6’ wide, and about 10’ high. We each have 2 shelves above our bed, 2 shelves in the corner above our desk and one with pegs to hang our laundry bag, backpacks, hats, etc on.

After unpacking and visiting with each other we had a fantastic supper of spaghetti, garlic bread, and green salad prepared by Allie and Mr. Dan.

At orientation that evening, the instructors introduced themselves, and we learned about the school policies and the honor code. After that, a professional from one of the local outdoor shops came and fitted us with our hiking boots (which we had to wear every day until we returned from our first expedition).

By 10:00 that night everyone was ready to sleep.

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