It was a beautiful Sunday morning, and while everyone else at FMA slept, Jessie Huber woke up early to cook us all pancakes, eggs and sausage. She ended up cooking a little more than that.

At 7:30 a.m., Jessie greeted Mr. Garrett in the kitchen, and they began the process of starting the fire in the huge iron wood stove. As the fire began to burn, Mr. Garrett told Jessie to hold up the small fan to the fire to make it burn hotter and keep it from smoking, and then he left.

Every few minutes he looked into the kitchen, and saw Jessie with a big smile on her face, looking very proud of herself, holding the fan in front of her blazing fire.

About a minute later, a nervous voice drifted out of the kitchen.

“Uh, Mr. Garrett…?”

Turning the corner into the kitchen, Mr. Garrett found Jessie no longer blowing on the fire with the fan, but instead blowing on the fan, which was on fire.

“It’s on fire,” she explained, kind of needlessly.

“Throw it in the sink,” Mr. Garrett yelled as he headed down the stairs to get Ms. Sarah.

Ms. Sarah, who was sleeping in that Sunday awoke to the words, “Get upstairs, the kitchen’s on fire,” being shouted through her window. Following Mr. Garrett up the stairs, they both rushed into the kitchen to find the fan blazing away in the sink. Taking after her fireman Dad, Ms. Sarah grabbed the fire extinguisher and doused the flames.

Once the fire was out, Jessie reached into the sink and pulled out the remains of the fan. “I can’t believe it’s not butter,” she said, looking at it.

She now plans to hang the remains in her room as a piece of conceptual art. She also left her mark in the kitchen. Years of future FMA students will wonder about the strange black markings on the floor.

But it all ended okay, because Jessie made a great breakfast, and we all laughed about it. Some wonder if she didn’t do it on purpose, as an attempt at sculpture. She denies it, but at the very least we all learned not to leave Jessie alone with fire and electrical equipment.

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