Some students expect the food at school or boarding school to be horrid. Happily that is not the case here at FMA. The food here is delicious.

The first thing I really enjoy about the food is that it is organic. Everything. Crazy to believe, but when my family first told me that FMA’s food is all organic, I thought, “Sure it is.” It turns out, not only were they right, but most of the food is grown right here on the property.

Truth is, I have not ever eaten better cooking. (Except for my dad’s barbecue and my granddad’s lamb chops.) I also really like how the beef, the butter, and even the honey are all natural and are from our own neighborhood. As an FMA student, I just want to say, I am glad to eat here.

Another cool thing about FMA’s food is that the students do all the cooking. I want to give a personal thanks to this year’s first kitchen crew, Sonja, Travis, and Trace. They have cooked some of the best food I’ve eaten since the last time I was home. Thanks guys, and keep it up!

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