While at FMA, I’ve learned to look into the future instead of just focusing on the present. As the school year draws to a close, I find myself asking, “What’s next?” Sure, it’s easy to know what I’m doing near at the end of the 2010-2011 school year, but after that it is more of an unanswered question. After asking around, I picked up a few ideas from the other students, and then thought to myself, “Okay, now what do I want?” 

Here are a few things my fellow students and I are planning for the future:

Morgan is planning to get a job, save money to visit Italy, and find and buy her own car. (I recommended a Chevy. They’re good.)

Erin plans to study medicine and become a surgeon. She also plans to hike the AT with her family.

James is going to work as an auto mechanic and save money to buy his own house, and to prepare for unexpected situations.

Brent either wants to work for Sony or in surf shop this summer, and eventually to hike the AT.

Stephanie is aiming to graduate from college, build a stronger relationship with her family, and go camping often.

Will wants to go the New York Military Academy, and then John Jay School of Criminal Justice to become a policeman or detective.

Andrew wants to earn a bachelor’s degree in Wildlife Management, get a job as a game warden or park ranger, and hike the AT.

David wants to graduate from college with a minor in Psychology, but hasn’t made up his mind about a major because he doesn’t yet know what he wants to do after college.

Kelsey wants to graduate from college, buy her own house, and write historical fiction.

Rachel wants to become a street performer, complete the junior Iditarod, go to medical school, and become an Ob/Gyn. 

Last but not least, I want to summit Denali, go to veterinary college, work as a vet, and visit foreign countries.

All of the students’ objectives are possible, and I wish them all well in reaching them. Also Erin, Andrew, and Brent, call me before you start hiking the AT. I just might want to join.

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