It was as I was using the floor as a mirror while combing my hair that I realized the true significance of floor crew’s job. Mitch, Joshua, Aiden, and I, the current floor crew, comprise the most crucial and advanced team at FMA. We clean the floors, refill and wash the lamps, and clean the chalkboard and classroom tables.
     Without floor crew, FMA would not have light, cleanliness, or any sign of sanitation. We would all be very sick. Unsanitary conditions would lead to epidemics of a wide variety of illnesses, such as emphysema, lung cancer, brain cancer, and skin cancer. The more I think about it, the more I realize how remarkable it is that our vital work seems to be so completed underrated.
     We are, in fact, accountable for all the hard work done at FMA. It is the floor crew that provides the safe learning environment where students can excel without the risk of illness. All of this is done from a spirit of generosity on our parts, because all we want is a better tomorrow where no floors are dirty.
     (What was I thinking when I wrote about Farm Crew?)

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