Questioning the opinions of others, instead of rejecting them out-of-hand, or believing them because it’s easier than thinking or arguing, is very important. I have learned this lesson at FMA, and, now that the year is about to end, I’m finally starting to get it.

Sometimes I get annoyed, or even enraged by someone else’s opinion. I really have to calm myself down, especially at FMA, because the instructors don’t put up with angry remarks. Mr. Kevin is one of the people here who has helped me learn to consider what someone is saying, respectfully. We may not agree a lot of the time, but he has taught me patience and understanding. I may not like something he says, but he has taught me to think about it, even question it, rather than rejecting it or accepting it unthinkingly.

Questioning has also taught me to think before I act. I can question myself before I act on impulse, and ask myself if what I want to do in the moment is really the best thing I can do.

Whether it’s my own beliefs, or someone else’s, questioning helps me arrive at the truth.

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