In this article, I’ll be talking about Mr. Dan, and how mean he is. You may be wondering how I got this topic. Well, I wanted to write an article at first on artists and who among the students had the best drawing. So, I asked Mr. Dan about it, and he said, “No, Cody is the only one drawing a picture.”

The real reason I wanted to write that article was because I can draw a really cool-looking duck. I mean, sure, people can accidentally spill paint on a canvas and sell it for millions of dollars, or draw a completely accurate picture of someone’s face, but I can draw a DUCK. Now that’s art. Am I right, or what? But Cody was already the designated artist for this issue, and Mr. Dan probably knew that it would make me happy, so guess what. Dream killer. (Hence the title.)

So I kept asking him about articles I could write that would be similar to drawing, and he kept saying no, so finally I said, “How about I write something on how mean you are?” To my utter surprise he said, “OK.”

So, here I go.

I always have my hand up in class, and either Mr. Dan doesn’t see my rather large bracelet covered arm, or he calls on me last, just to get to me.

One time, I had a really good idea. I’m talking Einstein good. The idea was for him to disappear for awhile, just until his class period was over, so that we didn’t have to take the quiz he was about to give. He asked, “Oh, you want me to do that?” and I said, “Yes. Nothing against you, I just hate quizzes.” To that he said, “Well people in hell want ice water, but that doesn’t mean they get it.” I replied, “If you leave, I’ll bring you ice water in hell.” Guess what? He chuckled and said “No.” Isn’t that crazy? I offered to bring him ice water in the fiery depths of…well…hell and he denied the offer. That was a once in a lifetime deal. Oh well.

If you think this ridiculous, well, it is. But humor is fun, and since I have to write about something, it might as well be fun. Thanks for reading.

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