Along with my peers at FMA, I just completed a ten-day expedition. It was hard, tortuous, and painful for everyone, but there were moments of happiness and enjoyment. I’m a girl of adventure and determination, so I can say that for the most part I enjoyed myself. There were moments of frustration, but I picked myself up when they hit, and moved forward with force. While everyone had difficulties, I remember one moment when everyone came to life all of a sudden.

At rally, Mr. Dan told us that Ms. Patricia had sent us all a present. As we sat around wondering what it could be, he brought out a bag of Snickers bars. While everyone around me yelled with delight, I wasn’t as excited because I knew that Snickers bars were my enemy because of a food intolerance. I enjoyed the fun of choosing who got to have my Snickers bar, but I’m happy to say that even if I could have eaten it, it would not have made much difference in my attitude. Although I’d been in the wilderness before, and may have been more prepared than some of my classmates, I’m not a super-woman. I had just decided to see the expedition as an opportunity to grow and to fly to new heights, Snickers or not!

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