In the springtime a bud grows on the tip of a twig. After a few weeks, a green leaf begins to form. In the summer, the leaves are converting the sunlight into the energy that helps them grow. Color in the leaves comes from sunlight as many different colors such as violet, red, orange etc., however what we see is green.
The green color we see is from chlorophyll, which converts sunlight and water into food for the tree. When autumn comes, and the tree begins to prepare for winter, a thin layer of cells forms where the leaf meets the branch, and prevents any more water from coming through. Without the water, the chlorophyll begins to disappear, and the other colors, which have been there all along, come through.

In the mountains, on expedition, it was gorgeous. Hiking on the trail, I looked out and saw valleys of color. From my window at the school, I can see the red and yellow of the leaves all around me. Now you know why!

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  1. Rachaele says:

    I think of you when I see the colors of leaves and everything else in nature!


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