I was sitting in this old town,
Waiting for the Greyhound,
To take me away from here.
An old woman sat beside me,
And when I asked her who she was,
She only said, “It’s okay to stay.”
“Why do you think I’m leaving?”
“You’re waiting for the Greyhound,
To take you away from this old town.”
“Good point,” I said.
I told her I was sad.
She said, “Cry.”
I told her, “But I’m the clown.”
She smiled, “Why are you putting on a big show?”
“Because I’ve danced for so long.”
She said, “Then it’s time to walk.”
“But I have to leave this old town,”
“Well I guess you’re a walker now.”
And that day I took the Greyhound,
Out of that old town,
Until it broke down.
And she was right.
I walked, and it got me

A lot farther than dancing.

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