Upon our return from expedition six, we were informed of nine new additions to the FMA family─nine little piglets, that is.

Blue is the proud momma of these squealing, bristly, little bundles. They are about 2 weeks old. Now they are just big enough to be traveling inside and outside of the pen. A few times we students have had to go catch them and put them back in their pen, and boy how they squeal! We cannot really do much with them now, being as small as they are, but we are gladly waiting.
Today I had the privilege of doing my work chores right next to the pigpen. It was highly amusing to watch this one piglet, which I will call Zuni. Ever since I started working, Zuni was the only piglet out of the pig shed, going in and out of the pen, chasing his momma around, trying to get something to drink and having a stare down with a chicken. It was like a game of red light green light. They were walking side-by-side, then Zuni stopped, and the chicken stopped. Zuni would go two steps forward and stop again, and again, while the chicken did the same. After a few minutes of non-stop imitation, Zuni ran off squealing and grunting for Blue.

Well, before too long, Zuni’s siblings decided to come out and take a look around, although they all changed their minds and hightailed it back to the pig shed once a cold breeze came through. Everyone that is, except the runt Small Fry and Zuni. They wrestled and tried to catch a chicken and got mouthfuls of dirt. Small Fry and Zuni both stayed outside with Blue until my chores were done. When I left they were curled up sleeping and grunting in the warm sunlight.

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