Here at FMA we have a student store where we can buy everything from classroom supplies to snacks. I decided it would be a good thing to increase my buying power by increasing my store credit balance.

A way of making some extra money is to put some extra effort into your thoughts. The way I did this was to begin making para-cord bracelets, monkey fists, and other items and selling them to the other students in exchange for “store dollars.” I charge about $1.50 for them, and so far I have made about $10.00.

I originally had this idea before coming to FMA. I looked up information on how to make these items, and started doing it. It’s just a sideline, and mostly I have just played at it, but before coming here I made over $100.00 selling them.

So if you have an idea, take the next step and put it into action. You never know where it will go. Your idea may be just something like making stuff out of hemp cord or fabric. Be creative with it, and it will work. It’s a skill you can carry with you and make extra cash wherever you go.

I practice a lot, coming up with new ideas and doing things with new colors, constantly adding to my inventory. Don’t be afraid to take chances. It if fails, at least you tried, right? So, if you have an idea like mine, take it into action.

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