On April 27th, many people lost their lives all over the Southeast as a result of numerous dangerous storms. Here in Johnson County, the hollows were hit extremely hard. Tornadoes and severe thunderstorms did an unbelievable amount of damage. On the Saturday following the storms, Mr. Mike took James, William, Morgan, and me into town to begin helping with the cleanup. We moved and piled up branches from downed trees. Every day since, crews from FMA have gone out to work helping wherever it is needed.

     I’m from Alabama, and knowing they were hit pretty hard had me worried about my own family. I was hoping that if something had happened to them that someone would be helping there the same way we have been helping here. 
     I would also like to thank my grandmother for the donation she sent to help with the relief efforts in Johnson County. The Johnson County Ministerial Alliance is collecting financial donations for people who need assistance and we all thank you so much, Granny.
     Little things have made a big difference, not just for the people who have suffered, but for all of us as well. We’ve worked together as a team and we’ve brought out the best in ourselves. We’ve given some hope and joy to the people who needed help and it has given us all a heartwarming feeling to be able to contribute.

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