It was a bitterly cold afternoon on expedition, and we had just arrived at our day’s camp. My tent partner was setting up the tent, and I was in charge of starting the fire, only we had neglected to dry our twiggies the night before, so they were extremely wet and partially frozen. After failing to start a fire, I decided to make a honey and peanut butter sandwich to boost my metabolism and keep me warm. While making the sandwich I spilled my honey all over my pants and nice jacket.

After about ten minutes of cleaning up honey, feeling sorry for myself, and mumbling vulgarities under my breath, I looked up.  It was absolutely incredible. Glimmering rime frost reflected light off every leafless tree in the forest. It looked like a computer desktop background. Suddenly I felt two things: like a jerk for letting spilled food upset me, and very small under the giant trees. A small jerk.

It’s easy for me to become so focused on something that I lose sight of the big picture. I feel this is one of the reasons for expeditions at FMA. To remind me that roofs, beds, and heat are a privilege, but the beauty of the forests have always been and will always be there. When I am too narrowly focused, it’s easy to forget that they are every day miracles.

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