Being the first legal adult of FMA XI is both an exciting and scary experience. 
     It’s exciting because I now have more responsibility for my future than I had when I was under 18. Examples of the responsibilities are choosing where I want to live, what I want to do for a living, and planning out other aspects of my future. 
     It’s scary because of the fear I have of leaving my parents to live on my own after depending on them for 18 years. Whether what I have planned for the future is to work out or collapse under fear is all up to me. 
     Adulthood is harder than I ever imagined (if I ever tried to). The only thing I can really do differently at this stage of my life is to plan, learn, keep moving forward, and accept that in order to achieve what I desire, I must motivate myself and not rely on others to decide what is best for me.

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