In our daily Morning Meeting, we have been discussing what our true core ideals are and how they tie into our goals. Through this process, I have found I value things I’m not living up to so well.

To determine my core ideals, the ideas I believe are most important to me, I was given a list of over a hundred words out of which to choose. Gradually I was to narrow the list down to ten ideals I felt it would be hard to live without. I chose calmness, caring, personal space, cheerfulness, love, athletics, organization, honesty, affection, and music.

I have found that getting to our goals is like trying to climb to the top of a mountain, first I must choose my path, then I must make sure I have all I need to help me get there (my ideals) and then, “A journey of a thousand miles, begins with a single step.” It’s hard getting to the top, but I know it’s possible if I take the right steps.

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