DELANEYWhat I hope to accomplish during these last two months at FMA is to earn grades of at least B in all my classes. I plan to do this so I can set myself up with a good GPA before starting my sophomore year back home in Colorado.

It is not only the grades, though. I also want the discipline, time management skills, and self-confidence I gain from doing my schoolwork.

Another thing I want to gain in these last months is to develop the outlook that school and work are less of a burden and more of an opportunity. What I mean is that I want to have the mentality that if I put my mind to something and really work hard for it, I can accomplish it. Even though I may not want to do schoolwork, I need to push my negative feelings aside because they are definitely holding me back.

Right now, I have the idea that the easiest and best thing I can do is to get ahead on my schoolwork, so that is what I am going to do.

The last thing I want to accomplish is to get all my homework done and turned in on time. I want this because I would like to develop time management skills and to enjoy my weekends without work hours.

All of these achievements will allow me to take pride in my work and in myself and to earn self-confidence by proving to myself I have the ability to do it.

These are my goals for my last two months at FMA.

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