The first day I started farm crew, I thought I wouldn’t be a good farm leader, but after a couple of days, I noticed, with the help of Mr. Mike and hard work on my part, how quickly I progressed on timeliness, and how much better I managed my chores on the farm. Most days, I began my chores after breakfast, and would be back for class on time.

Farm Crew switches jobs every week. Our responsibility is to feed the animals with corn, grain and chicken feed, and provide them with fresh water, and collect the eggs. Once a week, we also clean the chicken coop and put down fresh hay. While one of us is doing this, the other member is taking out the trash, and providing kitchen crew with two wheel-barrows full of wood.

Throughout this process, I have caught myself frequently feeling frustrated or upset with myself every time I missed a task or made a mistake. But, I have learned that by having a positive attitude and believing in myself, I can pull through anything at hand.

One Response to What is Farm Crew? By Sonja B.

  1. ann fitch says:

    yay, sonja! proving what i already knew: that you’re a smart, interesting person with unlimited potential. huge hugs, ann 🙂

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