At FMA things are supposed to be a lot more quiet and peaceful without the luxury of CD’s and radios, but we here are as noisy and rambunctious as a pack of wolves. We have different types of instruments we use to entertain ourselves such as guitars, the piano, and even a saxophone.

It is actually quite hard to get some peace and quiet around the school with all the instruments going. Living without the radio and CD’s is not a major problem, because everyone just sings songs by their favorite bands: Sublime, Tu Pac, Green Day, MOE, Outkast, Streetlight, Manifesto, or AC-DC, the list goes on.

We don’t have karaoke here, thank God. Most of just sing on dish crew or in the showers. On hikes we sing at campsites, until the instructors yell at us to quiet down. Those of us who don’t like to sing listen to music in our heads. It’s a good time passer when we’re walking 6 miles to our next campsite.

We especially sing when we play the guitars. Pat F. and Jeremy play their guitars all the time. Jose used to play his sax but he ditched it for the piano. He used to teach Larissa how to play, but she began to annoy him with it. We learn from each other in order to improve, but most of us have a long way to go.

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