Music only speaks to me on three levels: lyrical, musical, and spiritual. In this article I will explain each level and provide examples of what does and does not speak on that level.

Lyrical: When I say lyrical I immediately think “words.” The words of the song speak to me. They speak of ideas I agree with such as, “Tired,” by Everlast. B.o.B.’s, “Strange Clouds” is an example of lyrics which do not speak to me.

Musical: Songs on this level, in my opinion, are better without lyrics. They are excellent based on the musical aspects of the song. I’m not speaking of classical music, and in fact most people don’t call what I’m talking about music at all. “Sandstorm,” by Tunnel Alliance is one such piece.

The deepest level is, of course, the level that speaks to the heart. Contrary to some people’s opinion, any genre of music can speak at this level. One song that speaks to my heart is, “Pain Killers,” by Everlast, because the song is about how the speaker became paralyzed.

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