BUCHANANAt FMA, we don’t have much of a problem listening to instructors, but some of us, including me, have trouble doing what our parents say at home. We don’t argue with instructors, but often argue with our parents. Our parents wonder why, and I’m going to try to explain.

First off, if we argue with FMA staff, we lose the argument and receive a consequence for making a poor choice. I think our parents won’t give us consequences in the way FMA staff does. If we argue about instructions we have received, or if we fail to follow them, it results in our being sent to our rooms, or in earning weekend work hours. When we argue with our parents, we might get sent to our rooms, but we won’t get any other consequence except maybe hurt feelings. Overall, I think our parents don’t give us consequences as consistently.

Another reason could be that we live and work with the staff day in and day out and don’t want to form bad relationships with them. Of course, we also live with our parents, but we know they will always love us. At FMA, the staff is here to teach us, not to like or love us, so it’s not in our best interest to create bad relationships with them.

Lastly, we argue with our parents because we believe we can get out of whatever we are arguing about. At FMA, we might argue, but we still have to do what we are arguing about, and all we get out of arguing is feeling angry about what we could have just gone ahead and done anyway.

Hopefully, at the end of this year, we will take what we have learned about successful working relationships home with us and will show the same respect to our parents that we do to the FMA staff.

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