Every week, Monday through Friday, my peers and I go outside to work chores. I personally enjoy work chores for they make me strong and healthy, and I learn new things out in the fresh air. There are different work crews and jobs going on each day from 12:40 to 4:30, including weeding and harvesting the garden, cutting down trees, chopping firewood, and “harvesting” the chickens. The job of plucking and cutting up chickens was the most memorable for me. I want to be either a doctor or a veterinarian, so the chicken anatomy was greatly interesting. As I got down to the business of processing the chickens, I found it easy, although some of my classmates had trouble bearing down through the blood, guts, cracks of bones, and the vile odors. I kept my mind away from the actual killing of the chickens because, after all, back at home in Howard County, Maryland I raised pet show chickens. I named each of my chickens and had the privilege of showing Eliza, a Silkie bantam at the fair. I was proud when I won first place with Eliza in the New Zoo Review. When I did the chicken preparation here, I just focused on working hard and getting the job done, and that way I did not get wrapped up in the bad reality.

Another job I treasure is my community service job. I went out on Mr. Mike’s crew to chop down a huge dead tree on a neighbor’s property. Helping Mr. Mike reminded me of my Daddy, as he would often chop down trees in the backyard, and sometimes I would help him. Mr. Mike commented on my work a lot, saying I worked more than anyone on his crew. He said “Twelve of you would be great!” meaning that it would be awesome if all twelve of my classmates worked as hard.

I hope my peers will soon realize the luxury of work chores, if they have not already. After all, most schools barely let the students even go outside.

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