Freedom Mountain Academy: Farm Work

Freedom Mountain Academy’s campus is also a working farm. Students care for the dairy cows that provide the milk they drink and the chickens that produce the eggs they eat. They split the wood that warms them and fuels the antique wood-burning stove on which they cook their meals. They plant and harvest the large organic garden that feeds them. All of this increases their appreciation of their individual roles in their surroundings, while educating them on self-sufficiency and the importance of organically produced local food.

Keeping students energetically engaged in their surroundings through constructive activity is a cornerstone of Freedom Mountain Academy’s program. An active level of involvement in every aspect of the operation of our farm campus provides each student with another opportunity to be a productive, worthwhile contributor to the community.

Morning chores are split between students on a rotating basis throughout the year. While some students are feeding the animals or collecting eggs, others are doing the breakfast dishes or cleaning the common areas. Every two months, a complete rotation takes place, allowing all of the students the opportunity to be of service in a variety of ways.

Afternoon work chores are dedicated to an assortment of tasks, from hauling and splitting wood for our wood-burning furnace and cook stove, to cleaning animal pens, building fences, maintaining our forests and roads, working in the kitchen, and planting or harvesting our organic garden. Again, each student is rotated through these tasks to ensure the opportunity to learn the skills and enjoy the unique satisfaction each job provides.

All students have one rotation on kitchen crew during which they learn to plan and prepare three meals a day for their classmates, provide fresh-baked whole-wheat bread, organic granola, yogurt, butter, cheese, and, of course, their favorites — how to prepare and present special holiday feasts and birthday cakes.