The outside work chores can be fun…or not so fun. It depends on the job you are assigned. The morning farm crew chores are a whole different story, and can sometimes be “scary,” in certain situations, and funny in others. Mr. Kevin can be very strict about talking on the job as well.

Some of my favorite jobs so far this year have been working in the slaughter room, chopping wood, and reconstructing the pig and cow pens early in the year. I also had the opportunity to work in Mr. Mike’s shop, replacing axe and sledgehammer handles. Chopping wood is a fun workout, but has some undesirable side effects, such as after chopping for a few hours my fingers and knuckles begin to hurt, and early in the year I got some gnarly blisters.

Working in the slaughter room taught me great skills like how to slaughter a chicken and how to cut it into specified pieces. I also learned how to skin a pig.

My least favorite jobs would be shoveling cow manure, and clearing thorny brush, because, in the first case, my boots get covered in cow manure, and, in the second, it doesn’t feel good getting thorns stuck in my hands.

During my time on farm crew I have had some pleasant experiences and some not so pleasant. While gathering eggs, the chickens sometimes peck my fingers and on top of that, one of the roosters jumped in the air and karate chopped me. Mr. Mike told me to just grab the chicken by the neck and say, “Now, you don’t want to end up in the cooking pot do you?” Sometimes you can grab a chicken by the legs and hold it up in the air so it can pretend to be an eagle.

Once when I was feeding the pigs, I stepped into Mama Pig’s pen with the food bucket, and my feet sank into the syrupy manure wasteland as a quarter ton hunk of hungry pig came charging my way. In alarm, I tried to pull my feet out of the mud, and ended up pulling my feet out of my rain boots, and stepping into the manure as I ditched the food bucket. The three other pigs are too impatient when I bring them their food, and stand in the food trough squealing at me and not moving out of the way, so I have to dump the food on them.

While on wood crew in the morning, it is up to me to provide the kitchen crew with enough firewood, secondary wood, and kindling to cook our meals. I am expected select pieces of wood worthy enough to meet the kitchen staff’s expectations. I have also spent my free social time, from 8:00 to 9:00pm splitting kindling in the dark so the kitchen crew could cook breakfast in the morning. You’re welcome!

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